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After salary, pension is the most important employment benefit. A good pension provides a suitable supplement to one’s state pension (AOW). That’s why we believe a pension scheme should align with employees’ expectations, within budget requirements. . Together, we find the balance.


A pension scheme isn’t just about finances. For instance, what provisions do you want to make for survivors? How sustainable should the investments be? How will you communicate the scheme to your employees? With the right guidance, you can make your pension scheme a success!

From Design to Management

The Pension Advisory Process

A concise, step-by-step guide from designing to implementing a tailor-made pension scheme, with the guidelines provided by the Financial Markets Authority (AFM) as the foundation. What are your preferences?

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Their ongoing administration support to our HR team has proven very valuable in understanding and controlling the financial side of the benefits.
Bram and his team have worked for us for almost 10 years and their service has been excellent. Their communication and advisory services have really helped us keeping our benefits package up to date with legislation and market practice and keep employee engagement at a high level. Their ongoing administration support to our HR team has proven very valuable in understanding and controlling the financial side of the benefits. I would really recommend Bram and his team.
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Ik zeg juist “samenwerken” omdat dat is wat ik bij het team van Consyl ervaar.
Ik werk nu al meer dan 10 jaar samen met Consyl. Voor zowel specialistische pensioenvragen als passende oplossingen voor mijn verzuim. Ik zeg juist “samenwerken” omdat dat is wat ik bij het team van Consyl ervaar.
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The Future Pensions Act
What does it mean?

After several delays in recent years, the Dutch Senate (1e kamer) approved the Future Pensions Act on Tuesday, May 30th. This law stems from the pension agreement reached in 2019 between the government and labor and employer organizations. The law will take effect on July 1, 2023.

The implementation of this legislation will bring about both significant and minor changes. All employers will need to take action to ensure that their pension schemes comply with the new regulations.

Meer over over het pensioenakkoord en wat u moet doen

Frequently Asked Questions

The Future Pension Law is a legislative framework established by the government in collaboration with employers and employees to reform the pension system in the Netherlands. The law aims to make the pension system future-proof and adapt it to changing societal circumstances.

Some significant changes in the Future Pensions Law include the transition to a personal pension fund with collective risk-sharing, the abolition of the average contribution method, the introduction of an age-independent premium, and the flexibility in the retirement age.

The Future Pensions Law is scheduled to come into effect on July 1, 2023.

The Future Pensions Law will have an impact on existing pension plans. Pension funds and insurers will make the necessary adjustments in the coming period to comply with the new regulations. You will receive information about these changes from your pension provider.

The Future Pensions Law introduces an age-independent premium, meaning that the amount of the premium is no longer dependent on age. This change may impact the amount of your pension premium.

The Future Pensions Law entails a slower increase in the retirement age. This means that the retirement age will rise more gradually than initially planned. The exact rules and transition arrangements are yet to be determined.

The amount of your pension payout can be affected by the Future Pensions Law. The introduction of personal pension assets and the new method of collective risk-sharing may have implications for the level of your pension. It is essential to get in touch with your pension provider for more information on this matter.

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